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How to recession-ready your small business

The “R word” is back. A growing number of economists and business forecasters are raising the likelihood of a recession. I know, I know, here in Florida we just escaped a hurricane and now we are talking about recessions? But recessions hit smaller companies much harder than larger ones, so […]

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Haven’t updated your business hurricane plan? Now’s the time

Last year, the Category 5 Hurricane Michael caused $18.4 billion in estimated losses in Florida and severe devastation for thousands of small businesses. Listen to Panhandle business owner Ben Kaempfer, general manager of Cottondale-based Register’s Meat Company: “We lost $35,000 worth of inventory because we weren’t able to refrigerate it. Our employees […]


Is your business optimized for voice searches?

Siri, find me a story about voice searches for small businesses. This year, the chatter in small business marketing circles is moving from SEO its VSO (voice-search optimization), as it should be. By next year, more than half of all internet searches will likely be voice searches, using AI-enabled assistants […]