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New to government contracting? Here are some keys to success, including a double header of webinars

If you are new to government contracting, Florida SBDC at FIU can help you get started.

As a first step, you need to look at whether it makes sense for your business. Does the government buy what you sell? What value are you bringing to them? You need to be succinct in your value added proposition and differentiator to get you into the next step.

The research documentation can be overwhelming. That’s where SBDC at FIU’s help can come in. It has a PTAC office that can help you filter through what you will need to register on relevant platforms, pursue certifications you qualify for and and pursue opportunities.

Don’t disregard coming in as a subcontractor and teaming with a prime that you share core values with. Your proposal may be stronger together. It’s also an ideal way to show “past performance.”

Networking is critically important. When you talk to a procurement officer you begin to build that relationship. Get to know the procurement staff. Take advantage of matchmaker events. Conversations create contracts.

Know and understand your competition.

If you get a no, learn from your debrief about how to make your proposal more competitive for the next time. They will give you good feedback.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and relationships matter.

This SBDC at FIU webinar is packed with good tips if you are just getting started:

  In addition, this webinar offers tips on writing a winning proposal.

You will find much more information on government contracting on this blog. Just search government contracting.


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