8 ways to grow your email list and generate leads

By Barbara Davidson / Guest Contributor

What’s the first thing you do to start your day? You might navigate to your inbox a lot sooner than you think. A recent study found that 55% of all surveyed respondents check their email before they even get to work, and 17% check their email as soon as they wake up.

If you don’t already take advantage of this potentially lucrative marketing channel, you should really start today. Email marketing is an inexpensive way to generate leads, reach new customers, promote sales and reach your already engaged customers. Marketing via email is linked to higher conversion rates than other channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and internet searches.

If you don’t have enough email subscribers, however, your return on investment won’t be as strong. In order to grow your email list and keep people subscribed, you need to offer something in return. Here are eight resourceful tactics to grow your email list.

  1. Optimize Your Email List Landing Page

This might seem obvious, but if you have just one word, link or image on the page that’s misplaced or incorrect, you could miss the all-important email submission. Your opt-in page has to work well on mobile, given that tablet and mobile traffic has continuously surpassed desktop internet access since 2016.3

Work with your copywriter, web developers and/or designers to fine-tune all areas of the opt-in landing page. If possible, A/B testing can help you choose a clear and effective winning design.

  1. Host an Invite-Only Session or Webinar 

If you’re an expert in a niche field that’s relevant to other industry professionals, you could be sitting on a golden opportunity. Consider offering and promoting a working group, in-person seminar or webinar accessible via an email invite or registry. Not only can you then promote yourself as a subject matter expert, but your professional network will grow.

  1. Explore Blog Partnerships

One of the best ways to organically grow your email list is to create content that’s uniquely valuable to your specific audience. If you have a blog or helpful resource page, your site should publish content regularly. An easy way to expand your email list and audience further is to establish blog partnerships.

Search for ancillary companies relevant to yours, and let them know that you’d help them promote their content, too. Ensure that your blog posts link to a well-developed opt-in landing page, and include another link in your writer profile.

  1. Network Online

Find professional groups on LinkedIn, Facebook and other forums for like-minded professionals. Look for posts, industry leaders and articles that are similar to your business, and engage with them.

Include a link to your opt-in page in your professional bio, profile and share it with relevant groups and individuals with whom you regularly interact. Prove that you’re a leader in your field and people will look to you for more information, tips and news.

  1. Offer Email-Only Benefits

Give a free trial of your product, offer a subscriber-only coupon or promote email subscriber flash sales. Since people can unsubscribe at any time, it’s essential to provide value with your email communications, though not everything needs to be a promotion. Try not to overuse just one tactic, and change up your offerings from time to time.

  1. Promote High-Performing Previous Content 

Let your audience know what they’ve missed from your older email content. Share previous outstanding content on social media channels with a prominent opt-in call to action on the page. It’s likely that not all of your social followers are currently email subscribers, or have seen your previous content.

  1. Go to Industry Events

Bring an email signup list to industry tradeshows and conferences that are relevant to your business. Put a simple paper sign-up list at your booth for people you interact with, or if you don’t have a booth or a table, consider using a tablet for on-the-go email collection.

  1. Use Wi-Fi Marketing

For brick-and-mortar businesses, design your guest login page to collect email addresses in order to connect to the internet. Even if you don’t have a café or sit-in business, people will still use your connection. Software companies such as GoZone WiFi capture addresses while also marketing your product and online content to those who sign up.

If you’re still unsure about your email marketing skills, you can outsource your efforts to a marketing or advertising agency. But whether you take it on yourself or use a third-party, make sure that you’re well familiar and in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act.

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About the author: Barbara Davidson is a Senior Content Writer and small business finance expert for Headway Capital. 

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